The 8 Best Things about Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes


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There is always a particular packaging style in every era that becomes an instant hit and is used by most brands and companies. Such is the case with Magnetic closure rigid boxes. The packaging offers a strong built and even stronger closure hold and a whole lot of design possibilities. We believe that the success of this packaging is the fact that it leaves more space for design and the magnetic closure offers a better hold than most closure types. There are many ways in which these Magnetic closure rigid boxes can be customized however; the most popular so far has been a flat rectangular box.

8 Things You Need to Know About Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes

It is good to have a box type that can hold its shape even when you have stacked them, there is so much more about these magnetic boxes that you must learn today!

1. Any kind of customization is possible

You can make different types of shapes and give them a magnetic closure. But the specific boxes with magnetic closure are mainly rectangular in shape and have a flap for magnet. These boxes may have any kind of texture, can be made in any type of material, and have as much space as you want. You can get them by anyone, since all of the manufacturers do these boxes.

If you want custom magnetic boxes for your merchandise which are made of a specific material, and you have a smaller number requirement only, you can go for cheaper materials and have them customized. You can find many ideas and inspirations online for it, and design creative boxes for your brand!

2. Any shape and size is doable

Magnetic closure rigid boxes can be made in all sizes and shapes. Any size and shape of the box, you name it and it can be done. Boxes with magnetic closures are usually preferred by the brands that manufacture glass items, awards and shields. Such packaging needs to look plain on the outside with no hints of closure flaps or straps. So along with these boxes being highly customizable in their material, color and design, they are made in all sizes and shapes!

3. Easy to stock, easy to assemble

Although if a box is high performing and offers a good design, stocking and storage should not be of any concern but in the long run, these things are important. The magnetic boxes are very easy to not only stack and stock, they are also very easy to assemble when the need arises. So when it comes to the practicality of this packaging, it scores even more marks!

4. Magnetic closure leaves more area for design

Although we discussed this feature earlier, but it is such a great deal that it needs a focused discussion! Since the magnet is on the inside of the magnetic packaging, it leaves a neater and cleaner surface for the design. Even if the box is not supposed to have a lot of design all around it, it leaves a classy and sleek impact to it.

5. Wholesale price for a premium product

Flip top boxes with magnetic catch, they are in fact a premium quality product. Usually a premium product is meant to have a premium price and vice versa. But what you did not know about this specific premium packaging is that the boxes with magnetic closure are available in wholesale prices when you get them made in bulk quantities. Every manufacturer will provide you their own MOQ according to which you can order your required quantity and pay a wholesale price for a premium product.

6. Sturdy built for better damage resistance

Since most of the times magnetic packaging is designed for items that are heavy, premium and usually made of glass and fragile materials, they need to be put in a sturdy box. For which, such packaging with magnetic closure is ideal. Boxes with magnetic closure are sturdier than most box types and one of the main reasons for that is the fact that the magnet position on both sides needs to be accurate in order to close the box. They can never be sloppy, soft or shapeless. This makes them ideal for fragile item packaging.

7. Recyclable material for a healthy environment

The sturdy flip top boxes with magnetic catch are usually made of paper. Paper is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. The packaging made of Kraft, or the packaging that has paper in any form is not in any way harmful for the environment. Such packaging is safe, decomposes and does not carry toxic. It is ideal when such biodegradable packaging is also made with non-toxic inks.

8. Easily accessible in all parts of the country

Easy access to any material is ideal. When something is found easily, and you know that it will be available always, you can think of great ideas with that material. Same goes for the finish product. The premium quality custom luxury boxes is easily available in all parts of the country. Also, the boxes are not something that has a lot going on, so if you have your own manufacturer for creating packaging, you can show them the design and get the packaging made by them.

All in all, boxes with a magnetic closure are very practical, easily available and are very sturdy at the same time!

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