5 New Year Gifts For All The Street Fashion Aficionados


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‘Tis the season of joy and gifts for everyone!’ This is how it is said, isn’t it? The gifting pressure is real and tough, as everyone is concerned about giving the best. Since, it is New Year season it becomes compulsory for us to delight our loved ones. We have a zillion of people around us who we surprise every year. But there is this one human species which all of us usually tend to forget. It is the ‘fashionistas’ around us, and yes, these divas are the revolutionary fashion women. They have very gracefully brought changes in the fashion industry. So, why not on this New Year 2020 gift these women some exquisite pieces of street fashion as New Year gifts and New Year Cakes. It will be something very new for them, and they will be thrilled for sure.

New Year Gifts for all the street fashion aficionados

Be it high-end, or street fashion, the aficionados love everything. They only need something which can tone up their outfits in the best way. So, here are some of the best gifts for New Year that every woman will love to feature in her next outfit. We have very keenly focused on the latest 2019 fashion trends.

Neon Jackets

The bright neon colors have been creating rage around the globe since the beginning of 2019 and still is a hit without any miss. These jackets are windcheaters and can be paired up with both sneakers and stilettos. They have undoubtedly brought the 90’s trend back into the scenario today. You can find these everywhere, be it a high-end store or a street-side shop. It is a staple item that every woman should have in their wardrobes.

Hand Bags

Wow is the expression your lady going to give you on receiving a handbag from you. Bags have been every woman’s weakness, be it micro bag, sling bag, or a satchel bag. But there are millions of bags in the market that some of you end up purchasing micro bags. Whereas, I suggest that these tiny micro bags are a big no-no! No woman ever will like these bags until she gets it for free from a brand. You can always plan to give her hobo bags, sling bags, or shoulder bags. Pep up your gift by giving her some vibrant color like yellow, teal blue, or bright red instead of black. She is surely going to appreciate you for this effort.

Loose Fitted PJs

From Kendall Jenner to Priyanka Chopra, all the women have carried the loose fitted PJs in the most chic and classy way. Some paired it with uggs, and some wore sneakers beneath it. Give your daughter this and also give her some styling tips. It is guaranteed that she will be loving it and will become a fan of yours. You can get such trousers from many online portals. Choose the color that she likes and place an order for the New Year cakes & gift online.

Digital Analog Watches

These watches have been the best when it comes to street fashion. The best feature about these watches is that they are unisex, which makes them very efficient. They are chunky, huge, comfortable, and still lightweight. It looks when worn with three-quarter sleeved jackets or tee-shirts. You can suggest your pals, to always go light with the outfit when wearing this piece of fashion since it is very loud.

Winter boots

Footwear has always been the most ignorant fashion accessory by most of the women. But remember, that it is the shoes only which catch the attention of people at first. A pair of kitten heels with an LBD will make anyone look like a nanny and nothing else. Therefore, take out some time and get her the best pair of winter footwear. The boots have been the most preferred gift as they are both stylish and comfortable. Always go for black or brown boot and that too with around 2-inches of heel. They can be paired with tight jeans and long double-breasted coats.

Tadaaa, these were some of the trending fashion gifts which will be loved by the women in your life for sure. So, give cheers to all the fashion aficionados around you with these amazing New Year gifts ideas.

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