Dating and Job Search : Same Rules, Different Outcomes

Dating and Job Search : Same Rules, Different Outcomes

Most of you probably have thought of job search as something that is similar to the dating ritual. With unemployment numbers still high, it’s not a surprise that there are thousands without a job. But there are hundreds and thousands of jobs still available that most of us tend to overlook.

You should think of job hunting as an art, an art that is similar to dating. If you follow the right move, you will land a date errrr a job. Here are six dating rules that will help you land a job for sure. Just have to be as desperate to find a job as most are with finding a date.

  1. Be On The Prowl

Whether you recently had a tragic break up or have been single the whole time, the first thing you need to do if you want to be in the dating scene is to be on the prowl. The same rule applies when it comes to job search as well. If you have been recently laid off, do not find a corner to sit and mope. Instead, keep your head up and be on the prowl. Prospective employers need to know that you are looking for someone to hire you, and when you act like you will jump at the right opportunity, there will be people to throw opportunities at you.

If you want a date, you need to show that you are available. If you want a job, you better make it clear you are up for grabs. After all, you are the best anyone can ever have.

  1. Find a match (Online or Offline)
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During my days of dating, the only way I met people was through direct contact. My hookups were either through friends, relatives or a couple beers. The story today is different. You can find a match for yourself either online or offline. There are thousand of dating sites for the single and lonely. Guess what? There are probably even more job search sites that are waiting for the right person.

When looking for employment do not settle on driving around and dropping applications alone. Get in on the web craze and find yourself a match. If you are to meet a person in the real world you try and make sure to leave a lasting impression. Do the same when you fill out an online job application. Create an impression that will last a while if not for a lifetime depending on what your intentions are.

Think of job search sites as dating sites, you might enjoy the job hunt much more than you would think.

  1. Date As Many As It Takes To Find The Right One

You won’t find the right person to spend your life with unless you have had the opportunity to meet a few. The same rule applies to job search. Don’t just settle for the very first job that catches your eye. Instead, fill out as many applications as you can and give as many interviews as possible. After all, a job that will pay the bills should not just be “the job” but something that you would enjoy doing. Sort of like finding a person that will love you. You don’t want yourself to be just a need but a want as well. Same thing with job, the more applications you fill out, the more interviews you give, the better your chances are of finding a job that you want and need.

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Dating should be fun and a way to meet different people with different personalities that match yours. Do the same when looking for a job. Apply as many as you can and you will certainly find the right one for you.

  1. Show Them You Are The One

The one thing that most people admire when looking for a relationship is attitude. A positive attitude and confidence is a sure way to impress your date. Do the same when you are at a job interview. Be confident, be courteous, be polite and show them you are a steal. Like I said at the beginning, after all, you are the best anyone can ever have.

Remember how you impressed your date? If you don’t, you are lying to yourself. Apply the same rule but tweak it a little so it relates to your job search and voila! you are no longer unemployed.

  1. One Night Stand Or Lasting Relationship

Personally, I am against one night stands. Yup, I am one of those. But when comparing job search with dating, one night stands can’t be ruled out. They are, in fact, a must. There are times when people are desperate for a little action and usually a bar night ends up in a one night stand. However, usually one night stands don’t turn into a lasting relationship. When you apply for a job, ask yourself one question : Do I want to do this the rest of my life? If the answer is no, try and have fun while it lasts. But still look for better options.

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One night stands are the jobs that you need out of desperation while still on the prowl. Lasting relationships are the jobs that you keep looking for even after a couple one night stands.

  1. Don’t Hold Yourself Too High

And finally, do not hold yourself too high. I have seen many people give up many wonderful opportunities simply because they held themselves too high. The rule applies when looking for a job as well. Whether you are looking for a one night stand kind of jobs or the ones that will last a lifetime, it all depends on your situation. If you are out of cash, on the brink of losing your home, anything that will pay the bill is something to grab on. Just as it is in the dating scene, sometimes being too judgmental doesn’t help. Keep your ego in check and analyze what you need at this point.

Whether it be the dream job or a temporary one that just pays the bill, follow these rules and I am sure you will soon be taken. Share some of your dating tips in the comment section that might help others find a job.