MicroWorkers - A Site To Help Unemployed Earn a Bit While They Look For Jobs

MicroWorkers – A Site To Help Unemployed Earn a Bit While They Look For Jobs

The job market has yet to bounce back and the number of unemployed is still very high. During these times many people have made the switch to working online in hopes of making some money to support their daily life. However, as many of you already know, making money online isnt’ easy and isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes months if not years before you can really make a decent amount to depend on that income. Some may dive into blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. but for some these options are pretty technical and they usually don’t have a clue on how to get started. Besides the time it takes to get the money rolling is quite long to be honest.

There are a few other options to making money online. Although these options aren’t something that will earn you enough to make a living of off, it certainly adds a bit more to what you have to get things going. We wanted to talk about Microworkers, a site that we recently discovered. Before we talk more about the site and the service it provides for anyone looking to work online, please note that the site is called MicroWorkers for a reason.

All jobs posted on this site are what’s known as “micro jobs.” These are small jobs and the payments associated with them are small as well. However, it must be noted that each of these jobs only require anywhere from 1 minute – 10 minute at the most to complete so if you do enough a day, you might very well earn enough to take care of some of the things. As said earlier, it may not replace the need for a job, but it will definitely give you that extra cash to do a few other things. Besides not having to know the technical aspects of running a blog and knowing other things makes it even better. Here’s how the site works.

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Micro Workers is a site that offers “micro jobs,” small jobs that needs to be done. Upon looking at the site we found many jobs posted so there is certainly an interest in this service, and many people seem to be finishing jobs almost as soon as they are posted. At first, my initial reaction was that this is like Mechanical Turks, but after seeing an active group of users and the fact that minimum payment is $0.10, I have positive things to say about this site. The site is very well laid out and is extremely simple to use. Although it may not look all fancy design wise, like the ones we are used to, it is extremely well laid out.

After going through the site I noticed that usually there are 10 or more jobs posted each day and micro workers tend to finish them pretty quick. As you can see from the screenshots, the site has an active user base and definitely a good thing going for them. Most of the jobs posted on the site are the ones asking for comments, clicks, etc. and they are paid what they are worth. If anyone doesn’t want to do them, they have the option not to take that job at all. When you sign in, you can choose to see either the latest jobs or most paying jobs.

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One of the things that we noticed about Microworkers is that they take security quite seriously. Not many marketplaces impose a security system like PIN number which is mailed through snail mail to verify. Although this may be tedious and some may frown upon, it guarantees security for both client and micro workers.

There is a lot more to the site and how it is implemented. We wanted to let you know about this site because although less, every bit helps. Whether you are someone who is looking to earn a bit extra or someone looking to outsource micro works, microworkers definitely can be a marketplace to suit your needs.

We will talk more about microworkers in coming weeks. Although the payouts are less on this site, we have to realize that the jobs posted do not require much time or expertise for that matter. This allows job seekers to earn a bit extra every month. Even if it’s enough to fill a tank of gas so you can drive for an interview, we definitely think it’s worth it. After all a million is made up of pennies as well.