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Are you searching for the Rockstar support phone number? If yes, then you are really in the right place because we will assist you all things regarding the Rockstar phone number as this page as designed for your help regarding the customer service number of the Rockstar. So, read the full article so you cannot miss a single thing and can get trick to get out of trouble related to Rockstar.

Rockstar Number For Your Support

Rockstar is one of biggest company of the world who has issued lots of number for the different service, the only reason behind these different number of support is to you make you easy and comfortable to solving your issue. If you are worried about the number that from where you will get the number then please keep calm and read the full article as we are here to provide you all the numbers as well as details of those number of the Rockstar company.

Rockstar is the biggest company of the United States and also it has spread all over the world so, the company Rockstar has made the special number for each country so that every people who live other than America can also get help in an easy way. Now if you are worrying the things that how will you recognize those number that which number belongs from which country then you really need to no worry because We will discuss those number and also we will tell about the number belongs to which country so according to your needs and situation you can dial those number to solve your every single issue.

Everyone loves to play games and many of you are really a fan of games so, according to desires of people the Rockstar company has introduced a number for those people who are citizen of united states regarding of technical issue of game, so if you have any problems related to your game then you can call the GTA customer service phone number which is given below to solve your issues.

(866) 922 – 8694

The company has also issued the second number for the citizen of united state so that they can get their solution very quickly, the speciality of these numbers is that they are toll-free number so, when you call them there will be no any charge will be deducted so, the number is given below and you can dial it anytime to solve your issue.

1 – 877 – 635 – 5707

Above two numbers are only for the people of USA but now we are going to provide some other numbers which belong from another country.  If you are one who lives in the UK or you are a citizen of UK and searching for the Rockstar games support number then you check the number is given below, the number which we have provided below are only for those ones who live in the UK or you are a citizen of UK.

08701 200060

Now we are going to provide the number for those people who live in Canada as the company as also issued number for the help of Canada people so, if you have any problems with the Rockstar product then you are free to call anytime to the customer service of Canada as they are always ready to help you. The number which is only for the Canada people for the support for Rockstar is given below.

(800) 269 – 5721

Now, we are going to another phone number is only working for the UK citizen and the number is only relevant for those people who are searching for the phone number of Rockstar games social club, the number is given below

08700 250 419

The company know the value of people so they have issued lots of number for the support of the customer and they have also issued another number for the support of customer, the customer service of the Rockstar is eagerly waiting for your call so that they can resolve you all issues regarding the gadgets of application of the company Rockstar. Another number of the Rockstar is given below:

0843 903 3463

Now, you are surely thinking of about the call charges then let me tell you the call charges of all the above number are 7 pm plus i.e. after 7 pm the charges will be accessed by your company.

Now we are going to provide another number which is available 24 × 7 hours but the best time for calling of the customer service of the Rockstar is 9.00 am to 6.00 pm from the weekday of Monday to Friday. The number is given below.

09030 261 548

The call charges of the above numbers vary from network to network so when you are going to call the customer service of the above number you can check the call charges after the cutting of call.

Rockstar Support For Your Service

Rockstar has developed a great good will on the internet and many of are the real fan of the games of the Rockstar but many of times its happen that you need some customer support to get the solution of problems related to the games and the other things of the Rockstar company but many people are there who really do not want to call directly to the customer service as they want some online support of customer service, so if you are one who is searching for the online support of the customer service then there is a good news for you that company has developed an online support for their customer, now we are going to discuss or share those support from where you can resolve your issue.

This largest company of the video game has developed their service also in twitter but nowadays it’s really difficult to real id of any company due to development of lots of fake ID, so we are going to provide the original id of the Rockstar on twitter so, that you can get support of the Rockstar Company via twitter also. The link to twitter id of Rockstar Company is given below:

The company always try to solve your easy according to your comfort so, they now that many of you love to use Facebook, they had also developed their service in Facebook also, yes, the company Rockstar as developed the page for the support of customer via Facebook but again the same case that it is very difficult to real page of Rockstar company on the Facebook but you did need to take any tension because we are going to provide link of real Facebook page of the company of Rockstar which is given below:

There is also a support page which is specially designed by the company for the support of their customer and the direct link to the support page of the Rockstar Company is:

Now, many people are there who are looking for the joining of the social club of the company Rockstar, if you are one of them and want to sign in on the club and you have no any account of this club then you are on a right place as we are going to provide a link through which you can get connected with the Rockstar social club. When you will join the club you will also get the help of customer support via chat and much other support from the company and the link is given below.

Rockstar E-mail

Many of you are still searching for the email of the company of the Rockstar then let me tell you the company has also developed the email support for the customer so, they can give the support via email also and the email address of the company of Rockstar is given below:

Rockstar Customer Care

The company has really done great work for the support of the customer as they have also developed the fax system by which you can send your problems or issues to the company via fax also, and the fax number with the address is given below:

Take – two interactive games

622 Broadway

New York

Zip code: NY 10012

FAX number: (646) 941 – 3566

Alternate phone: (646) 536 – 2842

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