5 “Social Media Don’ts ” For The Career Minded

5 “Social Media Don’ts ” For The Career Minded

We all know that social media and job search are now closely related. In today’s fast paced world, it is crucial to have a presence on different social media platforms in order to succeed and have a influential group of network. However, although it is important to be a part of the community, it seems like many candidates don’t realize that social media isn’t all fun and games. One slip of tongue (or finger) on one of these platforms can cost you your job. Below are five tips that are simple but something that needs to be reminded every so often to make sure your career and social media participation are both aligned.

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Keep It Shut

With every work there comes stress, it’s almost certain. Although some of us are very happy with what we do to earn our livings, majority of people hate their job. What can you do though? Not much. Sometimes even though your job sucks and your boss might seem to get on your back quite often, it’s best to keep things to yourself. If you want to share how you feel, talk to your spouse or friends rather than posting on social media platforms for the world to see. More employers are starting to track their employees behavior on social media platforms and even though you may not be on company time when you post it, talking bad about company can directly hurt your career advancement and in some cases, you might even get fired. Below is an example,

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In this case, the employee didn’t really mention the name of the company or the boss. Even then you can clearly see that she got fired. Well, think of it this way, she might have other co-workers who might actually like the boss. Although the boss was her friend on Facebook, you never know if someone told on her. The boss doesn’t really have to be your friend for them to find out. We have such a wide range of contacts that anyone can take a image and forward it to your boss, causing you to loose your job.

Do Not Post Stupid Stuff You Do At Work

Sure, we all slack at work sometimes. Let’s face it, you might have dodged a bit at work and there might have been time when you took off early saying you had a doctor’s appointment. Although it’s a known fact that we all tend to slack at work every once in a while, it’s best left unknown rather than making it public. You know it, I know it, playing ping pong at work is fun and sometimes flirting with your co-worker is a dream come true. But updating these things on twitter , facebook or any other social media platforms for that matter, will only get you deeper in trouble and soon might cost you your job. Be careful and even though you do stupid stuff at work, keep it to yourself. We are glad you have fun at work but to keep your job you need to be able to keep it a secret from your boss and your prying co-workers.

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Unless Your Boss Is Paying For It, Don’t Do It

Is your boss paying you to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking services? If not, stay away from it. It’s totally understandable that it is tempting and hard to refrain from telling everyone how you hate writing that report, but it’s something that you need to keep it to yourself. With the popularity of social networking sites, more employers are keeping tab on what their employers are doing. Next time you can’t finish your report on time and tell your boss you were researching, he/she might be able to pull out a log showing how you were spending hours on twitter and facebook. Definitely a good reason to get fired. The rule here is simple, if your boss isn’t paying you to do it, just don’t do it.

Don’t “Engage” With Everyone

Whoever says you need to stay in touch with every one of your online acquaintances probably doesn’t have anything else to do. Don’t listen to them. Stay in touch and connect with people that matter, help people who will benefit you so in the long run you benefit from them. If you are really using social media sites not just for personal use but to boost your career, connect with like minded people and people that are in the same work field as you are. If you are an accountant and are spending two hours a day just chit chatting with an engineer (unless you need them for work or they need you for their accounting needs), it’s a waste. Stay connected but a short hi and bye should do it. Do not spend time building relationships that do not matter. Build relationship that have long lasting impact to your career, in a positive way.

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Don’t Be Cocky

Honestly, this is one of the biggest social media pet peeve of mine. Everyone seems to be bragging about themselves. You might be the best in what you do, but if you really have to let others know, there is a way to do it without sounding cocky. Be humble and always remember your roots. If someone on Twitter says how awesome you are, don’t hit the retweet button and shout “look at me, look at me.” Instead reply to their message and thank them. Being humble and courteous goes a long way in social media and even farther when your career is in line. If you really feel like using an awesome tweet about yourself, ask the person if you can use it as a testimonial if ever needed. Please, please, please don’t be a cocky a**hole on social media sites. It really doesn’t do much good.

Your Turn

We shared our views on some of the things that career minded people and job seekers in general should avoid in social media space. We would love to hear your thoughts.