Social Media and Job Search : Get Your Priorities Straight

Social Media and Job Search : Get Your Priorities Straight

The other day we published a post called How To Lose a Job Via Facebook In 140 Characters Or Less. The response was overwhelming and we think we should share a few things we know about social media and job search. You see, we have all become slaves to these platforms. We wake up and start telling the world what we had for breakfast and how we got slammed by our bosses for being late. Although these platforms have given us a means to connect with each other and foster relationship, there are many pitfalls that we seem to ignore. Today we just wanted to share a few things in respect to job search and social media.

What’s The Purpose?

What are you using it for? To connect with professionals or to connect with friends and families? Before you engage yourself in a day to day routine of using these platforms make sure you have a clear set of mind as to what you expect out of it. If you are trying to connect with long lost high school friends, do as you please. But if you are trying to connect with professionals make sure to weigh in each word before you let it out. If my facebook contained only my friends, may be I wouldn’t care sharing the fact that my fart sounded like a cannonball firing but that wouldn’t be too appropriate if most of my network consisted of colleagues and other professionals.

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Watch Your Language

So you want to be transparent? Well, transparency comes with a cost and cost is your privacy. If you think you can use the “F” word and everything else and not be noticed, good luck with that. Once again it all depends who your connections are. Although it’s your personal life, I am sure your boss or any other professionals wouldn’t be too keen on knowing that you hit the bar every night after work and come to work hung over the next day. It’s your personal life so the office shouldn’t really care, right? Wrong! Your last night adventure may interfere with your day at work and it sure as heck matters to your boss.

Nothing Nice To Say? Zip It Up

Your grandma was right when she said “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Although she may not know much about social media and the online world, that saying is true when it comes to using online tools as well. Your boss might be the biggest asshole on planet earth but he sure wouldn’t like you to share that to the world. You see, if you were a boss to someone and they said on their facebook that they hated you, you certainly aren’t going to take that lightly. It hurts you in many ways. You would rather have that person come to you and say it to your face rather than letting the world know. Of course, social media platforms gives us a tool to let other negative things out but don’t wreck a person’s reputation just cause you are lazy and your boss seems to get on you about that. He has the right to do so.

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Well, those are just some of the things that you need to watch while using social networks. Whether you are employed or looking for job, it has really become careful to watch what you do on social networking and social media platforms.

Bonus tip : If you feel like having both personal and professional profiles on different social media platforms, starting different profiles catering to your need might be a good idea.

Always remember, with all the social media and networking platforms out there, you’re being watched!

If you have any other instances showing how social media and it’s use made someone lose a job or an opportunity, feel free to share with the rest of us.