A Lesson From a Social Media Noob To Social Media Gurus

A Lesson From a Social Media Noob To Social Media Gurus

Social Media “Gurus” are everywhere. Whether you are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social sites you will see profiles that define the user as a “social media consultant” or “social media guru.” If you haven’t noticed this yet go ahead and browse some of the profiles on these social sites, you will be surprised to see the number of people that call themselves the Social Media extraordinaire. It has become a career for most and only some do it the way it is supposed to be done.

Most people fall for it and end up paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a mere four page report. Yes, social media is huge when it comes to marketing on the internet but not all so called social media gurus know what they are doing.

Today we just wanted to bust a little myth that some have already cracked. Still some of these so called social media gurus need to be reminded why they are not what they portray themselves to be,

Number of Fans and Followers : Not a Way To Measure Your Effectiveness

You have 30,000 plus followers on twitter and 6,000 plus fans on Facebook and you are the top notch social media guy, right? Wrong! Numbers are always prettier to look at but unless those numbers convert to any meaningful results they are nothing but numbers. Social Media gurus are quick to point out their followers and fans on the social sites to show how influential they are and this is not a measurement of their achievement. Anyone can build a huge following, anyone.

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We all know how to game the system to some extent when it comes to boosting the numbers, remember numbers not relationship. For you to be able to provide results you need realtionship that are mutual, give and take not simply numbers. Do you really think your 30,000 followers on twitter will come to your aid when you are putting together a social media campaign for your client? I doubt it. If you are able to tap into 10% of that number I would call you a guru but your client still won’t be happy.

Numbers matter simply because it shows and gives you a way to brag about yourself. Nothing more than that. If you want to utilize the social web to market yourself, meaningful relationship are the key. And building meaningful relationship with 30,000 people on twitter and 6,000 fans on Facebook is as impossible as trying to lasso the moon for your sweetheart.

Social Media Gurus and Consultants : Emerging Out Of Everywhere

Social Media consultants have started to emerge on the web like mushrooms in a wild forest. They are everywhere. And only few are as good as an edible mushroom and the rest look like they can be utilized cause they are hidden among the good ones. The other night while I was browsing twitter I came across 50 profiles with “social media guru,” or “social media consultant,” listed as their career that it was sickening.

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Seriously, what qualifies you to call yourself a social media guru? Simply cause you got 3 articles on digg frontpage, got yourself on the first page of reddit and StumbleUpon has been your safe haven when it comes to traffic? Social Media marketing isn’t about that.

Today most users see social media as a way to garner instant gratification. That is not what it is. If you go look at corporations or even look years back and see how they did marketing, you will know. Proper marketing doesn’t happen overnight and the same thing applies to social media marketing.

It is not about instant gratification, it is about building a loyal base and using that base to get to the next step in the long run. You can use social media for hype but what good is a hype if it brings you 2 million pageviews today and 200 a week from now. Use social media to drive consistency not spikes.

Social Media Marketing = Old Marketing With a New Twist

Marketing in the social web or utilizing social media for marketing purpose is built on one premise which coincides with the age old form of marketing : word of mouth. That is exactly what social media marketing is Judi Online. Word of mouth marketing but on the web. You do things that makes others talk about you. Whether through meaningful relationship on a one on one basis with your fans or followers or by doing things that gives value to the people on the other end.

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Please stop marketing yourself as a social media guru or consultant unless you have been able to provide results in some ways. We understand that during times of economic turmoil you have got to find a way to score big on the web, but this will only drive you further into the hole along with your clients who might be naive enough to take you on board. This is what I know about Social Media, does this make me a social media expert or a “guru?” I wish.

Ok, I am done with my rant. Share your thoughts on social media gurus that are everywhere on the web.