5 Social Media Types Who Ended Up Losing Their Job

5 Social Media Types Who Ended Up Losing Their Job

As most of you already know we tend to cover social media quite often. We think social media and job search are directly related in today’s fast paced world. Although the use of social media has become a must for networking purposes, it seems like many still don’t see the pitfalls. When you are using these different platforms to share your work frustration, you need to realize that your network also has an extended network. You may not have your boss or employer as friend or follower, but there might be someone else who is ready to rat you out.

Be careful, the job search and career space is not what it used to be. Although how one should use social media is pretty straight forward, some seem to make pretty stupid mistakes. Below are some examples that cost someone their jobs based on what they did on these social networking platforms.

The “Boss Hating” Type

Last month we posted an image on how someone got fired when she ended up bad mouthing her boss on Facebook. It was a clear case of what not to say when you have your boss as a friend on Facebook. Although she didn’t mention the name of her boss or the company, she still managed to lose her job via social networking platform. Here is the image that made this employee lose her job because of one stupid mistake – posting something that wasn’t really necessary for the world to see.

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The “Bragging” Type

When you land a job, you don’t go out and brag about it on social media platforms Slot ID88. Well, you can but there is a good way and bad way about bragging a job that you recently landed. Well, one person’s bragging went a little too far and got her fired over the use of Twitter.

I am sure you all remember the tweets exchanged by the new Cisco employee who just got hired and someone from Cisco ended up seeing the tweet. We can’t find the screenshot of the tweets because the person set their twitter page on private. Here is what the employee said after landing the job,

The “Fun Loving” Type

It’s good to have fun but it depends how far you take the fun level. It’s nice when your work environment is relaxed. But that sure doesn’t mean you take advantage of not having your boss around. Two teens ended up doing exactly that. These two teens who worked at KFC had a little too much fun when their boss wasn’t around. Guess what the fun stuff they did was? They were taking shower and a bath in the KFC tub!! But that’s not all, they ended up  posting the images on their MySpace page. Soon the images went viral and their fun came to an end. Here is the image that they ended up posting on their MySpace page.

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The “Lying” Type

I have done it quite a few times and I am sure you have done it too. At times, we don’t feel like going to work. Either we want a break or have some other personal things that needs to be taken care of. What’s the easiest way to get out of work? Of course calling in sick.

In this particular case, a woman called in sick at her work saying she couldn’t use the computer for the day as she was sick and had to be in dark. Well, I guess she meant she could use the computer at home but not at work. Later she was seen updating her Facebook account which a co-worker stumbled across and told the employer about it.

She got fired for lying to the employer. If you are going to make excuses, make ones that you can’t get caught for when it comes to calling in sick, especially when it comes to letting the world know (including your employer) through these social media and networking platforms.

The “Can’t Hold My Anger” Type

It seems like most people end up losing their job due to their use of Facebook. Here is another one. When Eagles let go off Brian Dawkins, Dan wasn’t very happy about it. He decided to take the matter in his own hands and thought he would express his anger to the world via Facebook. His Facebook update read,

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Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver. . .Dam Eagles R Retarted!!

I guess there were many who weren’t happy about Dawkins being let go. The only thing that got Dan in trouble because of the Facebook update was because he actually worked for Eagles. He was later fired for calling his employer retarded on Facebook. A good lesson that one shouldn’t call their employer retarded on Facebook or any other social networking platform for that matter.