The Best Job Search Website Belongs To You

The Best Job Search Website Belongs To You

It’s true. The best job search website does belong to you, provided you have one like million others. It’s your blog.

There are very few people that are active on the web and don’t have a blog. Although many people use personal diaries that hide under their pillows, an online diary (blog) has gained popularity in recent years. The popularity and the hype surrounding the notion that every one should have an existence on the web, at least in the form of a blog is quite justified. Blogging gives the writer and other users a platform to build a community which will eventually help in many facets of life including job hunt.

Today I want to focus on how blogging can directly help when it comes to landing a dream job. Whether you are looking for a job after a layoff or simply looking for an alternative way to earn a little extra, I hope these tips will come in handy.

Blog = Network + Target Audience (potential employers) + Exposure = Job Opportunities

Most blogs focus on a specific niche. If you are a web designer your blog most likely will highlight posts related to web designing. Your readers and visitors that have been following your content know that you are good at what you do. Besides, your blog serves as a portfolio for you work. Even if your blog isn’t niche specific and is just an online journal where you share your day to day life, it still reaches a certain demographics that might be interested in what you do.

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One thing that each and every individual needs to realize is that you don’t have to have a certain skill to have a blog or be approached by potential employer. For example, a truck driver may think that a blog doesn’t really serve his skill. Think again. There are many people who drive trucks for a living and many that are planning to choose this as their work. What if your blog talked about different routes that are easier for drivers to make it to a destination quicker? Your truck driving blog could give tips to people who might be looking to learn about truck driving ( take a look at truck driving blog). If you share enough helpful content and tips to the truck driving community, you can stand out not just among the people wanting to learn but among ones that are looking for instructors at truck driving schools. You get the idea.

Blogging is your own media. You get to reach out and let others know whether or not you are available for work. Although most people say you need to participate on different social media platforms, most people fail to realize that your very own blog is the most effective platform. Other social media platforms are a supplement to your blog to utilize and grow your network of potential employers, referrers and friends.

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The other crucial aspect of blogging is that you get to build a personal relationship with your readers. Among these readers might be someone waiting to offer a job based on your skill. Writer, web designer, social media strategist or a truck driver, if you have been providing value to a certain group of people there will certainly be an interest when a position relating to that skill needs to be filled. The readers of your blog will know you personally over time. And most people are comfortable hiring someone with whom they have built relationship. This is when your blog becomes of utmost importance. You build your network and as your network grows the possibility of someone hiring you grows with it.

Your blog is your home online and a way for potential employers to peek into your skills . A resume is important but a blog that shares your experience and skill in depth isn’t something that can be neglected either. Even if you have a job at the moment I would recommend you start a blog either for fun New Bet88 or with business mindset.

I can vouch personally that if you provide helpful content that appeals to a certain crowd you will find an opportunity knocking on your door. It might not be as soon as you would like but it will happen. And if you aren’t really looking to land a full time job through your blogging efforts, it can certainly give you exposure to start something as a freelancer. And in today’s economy we can’t afford not to earn a little extra on the side.

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Those are some of the things that I personally think makes blogs one of the best job search tool. Please take a moment and share your thoughts with the rest of us. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.