10 Ways To Say No To your Boss and Still Keep The Job

10 Ways To Say No To your Boss and Still Keep The Job

Being a good employee entails working hard, showing up on time, and pretty much doing what your told. But there are times when you have to say no.

“What? Say no to your boss?”

Yup. You may be overworked, or uncomfortable with what your boss is doing. There are tons of examples as to why you would need to say no.

How you handle the situation will determine whether you will have a job afterwards or not. But it’s not as hard as it may seem. As overbearing as some employers may be, there are a lot that are understanding as well. It depends on how you handle the situation.

Here are 10 ways to say no to your boss and still keep your job.

Do You Have a Reason To Say No?

Obviously you will have your reasons for saying no to your boss. But make sure they are reasonable. Saying you want to go home and drink with your buddies instead of working over isn’t going to go over to well. On the other hand if working over may burn you out and in turn, effect your work quality, then you have a much better reason.

Honesty Works

There isn’t really any need to make up excuses. Tell them why you are saying no and be honest about it. Let them know how you feel and why you don’t want to do what they have asked. Being honest a great trait to have and something most employers like to have in their employees. If anything it makes you look good.

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Not Just How But When

When you tell your boss no is just as important as how you tell them. It’s better to set aside some time to talk things over then to just walk right into their office. Keep an eye on them and see what kind of person they are. If they are a morning person, that may be a good time. Or if they grumpy in the morning (before they get the first cup of coffee down) you may want to wait until later in the day. Just let them know that you would like to chat and appoint a time when you can have a personal meeting.

Be Prepared

Work through your reasoning before hand. If it’s something that has happened in the past, prepare some examples to show them. Have some backup ready for your reasoning to say no. This will show them why you feel this way and why you are saying no instead of just simply denying them what they want from you.

Way Too Much To Handle

If your boss keeps dumping work on you, not only is it stressful but it may hinder your work quality. Trying to keep up with tons of work will make you rush. Let them no that. Make a limit to your work load and when you reach that limit tell them no more. Tell your boss that if you take on anymore work then everything is going to be of poor quality if you rush to catch everything up.

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Salt and Pepper Voice

When you talk to your boss don’t go in with your temper flaring. It does nothing for your cause and makes you look like a fool. Instead, always stay calm and assertive. Some bosses are quick to jump down your throat. Being calm and talking in a voice that you would use in any conversation (such as when you ask someone to pass the pepper or salt) will diffuse the situation pretty quickly and make you look more professional.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

As well as being assertive and calm with your voice, it’s important to keep eye contact. Someone that is dishonest or nervous will break eye contact and talk to their feet or the ceiling. Show them that you are serious about what you want. You still want to do a good job, but this time you have to say no. Keeping eye contact shows that you are serious and assertive.

Are You a Great Employee?

If you show up on time, do extra work, and overall do a really good job at work, saying no will be much easier. Work your job as if you care about the company. Always show up on time and do your job well. When there comes a time to say no, your boss will remember and respect you for that.

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This is something that may work out better then a flat out no. Make a deal with your boss. A simple example would be if you need a day off, work a different day to make up for it Bandung. Work out something that works out for both of you and gets you what you need.

You Want Me To Do What?

Every once in a while you may get a request from your boss that is illegal. If anything this is enough reason to say no to your boss. And you have every right to. Contact the right authority about the situation and legally you can’t be fired for it.

The main thing you want to do in any situation where you need to say no to your boss is to stay calm and work with your boss the make it work for both of you. A little respect and professionalism goes a long way.